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Snap Pack Mailer (a.k.a. Pressure Sealed Mailer) is a unique direct mail marketing solution that immediately captures the attention of recipients because of its strong appearance of urgency and importance.  Industry studies have shown that snap pack mailers have an astounding 95% open rate because of its “important” design. This direct mail piece and its lucrative ability to grab the attention of receivers has continuously demonstrated to boost responses and to have high returns on investments (R.O.I.)!

Snap Pack Mailers are pressure sealed direct mailings that are perforated on two or three sides of the mailing for quick and easy opening. This allows the recipient to easily tear off the mailing and reveal your important and time-sensitive message within the piece. Snap Packs are used effectively for most industries looking to take advantage of this cost-effective direct mail marketing strategy.

Snap Pack / Pressure Sealed Mailer