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We're the direct mail service working hard for you.

When you need a professional mailing service, we're the professional team that lets the world know about your business. We handle all of your company's direct mail marketing and other mailing services. Put us, and the mail, to work for you! Nobody matches our results and great results is great news for your business or group!

Direct marketing gives your business a specific response from your targeted potential customers. Direct marketing from Assured Direct Mail is great for small businesses for a variety of reasons including:

* Resources are focused on where they are most likely to produce results

* Test your marketing - Select a representative sample of your target audience to learn what delivers the best response rates before you develop a full marketing campaign
* Fast marketing and fast results
* Limitless prospects for sale
* Our affordable rates!

We're serious about being the most affordable and effective direct marketing business available. You won't find better results or prices than ours including:

* 0.40 Black & White Postcards

* 0.45 Black & White Letters

* 0.48 Pressure Sealed Mailers

* Targeted Leads from 0.05 each​

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